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Banking and Mobile

Experience the accessibility you deserve with the First Basin Mobile App available for your iPhone or Android – BAM!  It's Banking and Mobile with the touch of a finger or a scan of your face. Securely access your accounts from home, work, that weekend soccer game...anywhere! 

The latest technology!

Keeping track of your finances has never been more convenient. The First Basin Mobile App offers features that would make anyone's life a little easier.  You will be able to check recent and pending transactions, monitor account balances, immediately transfer funds to and from your personal accounts, pay a bill, transfer money to another member, all within your mobile device.  Tired of passwords? Our Facial Recognition and Touch ID technology is the latest and greatest which makes having a First Basin Mobile App a necessary part of your life. 

Yes, we have mobile check deposit too! 

Need to deposit a check and don't have time to stop by a branch?  First Basin Mobile Check Deposit can do that too. Simply sign up in advance, open the app, locate the "Deposit a Check" icon and follow the prompts. Easy.  Breezy.  You can also manage your debit and credit cards by reporting them lost or stolen, getting transaction alerts or even setting limits...all within the FBCU mobile app.  And don't worry First Basin will utilize the app to keep you up-to-date with important security messages as well as special offers.  

Download the First Basin Mobile in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Deposit checks in a snap - anywhere, anytime.

Your day is busy enough as it is. Why add "visit the bank to make a deposit" to that list? Now, with Mobile Check Deposit, you can check off that errand from your list and make a deposit from virtually anywhere. Remote deposit is here to make your life easier and provide you with financial peace of mind. 

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My card, my rules.

Stay in control of your credit and debit cards, while managing card spending – all from your mobile device. Download First Basin Mobile to set spending limits, get user alerts, and turn your cards on – or off, or reorder a new card.  

Step by Step Setup

Keeping track of your finances can be as easy as looking at your iPhone or Android device.  Just download the free application to your mobile device and safely and securely view and access your account information.

First Basin Mobile Feature Highlights