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Loan Rates

Effective 9/5/2023

Loan APR Daily Periodic Rate Term
*Autos 4.90%* to 18.00% .013424% to .049315% N/A
*ATV (Dirt Bikes, 4-Wheelers, etc.) 7.90% to 13.90% .021643% to .038082% up to 48 months
*Watercraft 7.49% to 15.90% .020520% to .043561% up to 60 months
*Motorcycles 7.90% to 15.90% .021643% to .047082% up to 60 months
*Motor Home/Travel Trailer 7.90% to 14.90% .016164% to .035342% up to 84 months

Loan APR Daily Periodic Rate Term
Personal 9.90% to 16.90% .027123% to .046301% N/A
Fully Secured by CD - Variable Rate 2.50% above CD rate up to 60 months Variable Determined by FBCU CD Maturity Date

Loan APR Daily Periodic Rate Term
*†Residential Mortgage 6.000% to 8.750% .016666% to .024305% up to 360 months
*†Home Equity 5.500% to 6.625% .015068% to .018815% up to 360 months
*Mobile Home with Land 10.500% to 11.000% .028767% to .030137% up to 120 months
†Interim Construction Loans 10.500% to 12.000%, A.P.R. determined by loan .028767% to .032876% Maximum term 24 months
†Land Loans 10.500% to 11.500% .028767% to .031506% up to 120 months
A.P.R. = annual percentage rate.  *A.P.R. determined by credit score (Risk Base Pricing).
†Fees and other restrictions may apply, including loan amount, loan term and % Loan-to-Value (LTV)
* Mobile Home with Land must be registered as real property to qualify for lending.
Note: All of the above rates are with a First Basin Credit Union account.This disclosure statement is incorporated into and comes as part of your credit plan agreement. Please keep this attached to your credit plan agreement. The annual percentage rates and corresponding daily periodic rates for each loan type are listed above. Credit life, joint life, disability, and involuntary unemployment insurance monthly premium factors are listed below. 
  • Single Life: .67¢ per $1000 of insured debt; maximum life insurance amount of $50,000.
  • Joint Life: $1.00 per $1000 of insured debt; maximum life insurance amount of $50,000.
  • Disability: $2.31 per $1000 of insured debt; maximum monthly benefit of $1,000.